Monday, November 7, 2011

UAHuntsville Concert Choir goes to Birmingham

Hello, Concert Choir:

We will leave for Birmingham on THURSDAY, November 10 at 645am.  Please be in the parking lot of Roberts Hall at 645am.  Yes, 645am.  Say it with me: 645am.

Don't be late; you don't want the rest of your car to feel the wrath of Colwitz all because of YOU.  Plan on being early.  Set your alarm or have someone call you.  We will leave the parking lot promptly at 700am.

Also, please be sure you've checked your CONCERT ATTIRE today.  You need the following:


Tux Shoes
Black socks
Tux pants
Tux shirt
Cuff links and other manly things that go with tuxes
Tux jacket
A haircut
Black folder


Black, closed-toe shoes (that are relatively comfortable, yet stylish)
Black hose
Your choir dress: (ironed)

A silver necklace
Silver earrings
Please wear you hair up and wear make-up
Black choir folder and your music

See you at 845am in Birmingham at Canterbury Methodist:


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