Monday, November 7, 2011

Chamber Choir Attire

1) Attire: (be sure your attire is ironed and clean NOW...don't wait until Sunday morning.)

Men: please be sure you wear ALL black.  That means the following:

a) black DRESS pants (not khakis);
b) black tux or dress shoes (not casual shoes);
c) black socks;
d) black dress shirt (it must be a new, ironed, dress shirt...not a grayed out one from eighth grade that you can no longer button);
e) black blazer (dressy)...we want to look classy and professional.

We will LOAN you blue ties for the concert.  You are responsible for taking care of these. Do not lose them.  If you do, you will owe money.


a) black dress (must be of the formal the skirts)...if you want to wear pants, you'll have to model it for me prior and convince me that it's dressy enough for our concerts.  You can also wear a floor length skirt with dressy blouse/top.  No cotton, please.  Everything must flow and be of a "dressy" material that looks "black", not gray, etc.  Sleeves must be short sleeved or 3/4 length (no sleeveless or backless).  

***I like the look of having the women in "different" dresses, but I prefer all women wear a floor-length (quasi-formal) dress.  See what you can find.  *If you can't find it before Sunday, I'm fine with that, but know that this is the goal for AMEA.

Like this...


b) Closed-toe black shoes (I recommend a low heel...);
c) Black hose;
d) Silver jewelry (earrings and necklace)
e) Please wear your hair up (in a formal "up do"...does someone do hair well in the group?)...if you have short hair, be sure it's off your face;
f) You must wear make-up (blush and lipstick...mascara, as well...)

We will LOAN you a blue scarf for the concerts.  You are responsible for taking care of these.  Do not lose them.  If you do, you will owe money.

2) Black folder.  You MUST have a black folder by Tuesday's rehearsal.

3) We will continue to rehearse per the normal schedule after the concert because of AMEA.  LeAnna and Ann-Marie, please come to as many of these rehearsals as possible.

4) We WILL rehearse on Jan. 7 (Sat. prior to school starting) and all are required to attend, so please make arrangements to be on campus all day.  I'll buy lunch and snacks.

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