Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chamber Choir Notes for Sunday's Performance and Beyond

Hi, Chamber Choir:

A few notes for you:

1) Please register for next need to call or go see Cil who will register you (824-6436) could also email her, but best to go see her...she'll remember easier that way. 

2) Please sign up for a dish to bring to the Pot Luck Christmas Party at my house (Secret Santa Craziness).  I have left enough slots for each person to bring ONE thing, so please sign up.  EVERYONE is REQUIRED to attend, so be sure to sign up.  The list is on the bulletin board in choir room.  We'll do the Secret Santa drawing next week.  Mwah, ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!  So fun. 

3) Remember to have your attire ready to go for Sunday.  Men: all black (black suit coat, black pants, black dress shoes (polished), black socks, black dress shirt...I'll give you a tie.  Women: long black dress (the more glamorous, the better), black shoes, black hose...please wear make-up!!!!!!  And put your hair up.  You want to look and feel glamorous when you perform.  We all perform better when we look our best.  Also, women, re: dresses...I also want you to buy something that you think you could wear again, either to a fancy party or to an event, etc.  You know what looks best on you, and I get tired of the "choir dress" look, and having everyone wear the same thing.  So, let's try this.  I just want the dresses floor-length.  BUT, if you can't find it for Sunday, that's cool...just start looking for Jan.  You can always check with me first, if you have questions...

See you Sunday!  1pm.


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